Yours Stereotypically

I wake up with heap of Hickman and R.D. Sharma lying beside me side by side. I go on coffee dates with Vikram Seth and Sparks. I wear eyeglasses,black,not the flashy red ones. My happy colours have always been black and white and something in between. I spend most of day in my solemnity,sitting on a high back chair or sometimes on the beach,all alone,sometimes wondering “what life is” and other times my head plunged into complex maths.
Umm you think I’m boring? Dull? Old???
Well,guess my age.
Yes I am 19. A nerd. A geek. Swot. Wonk. Dweeb.
Thanks for the adjectives 🙂
I have seen hoards of my mates fantasizing to be a photographer,a traveller,a dancer. It never fascinated me and so they call me a nerd.
They tell me to break open my shells and follow my calling. My calling? Should I tell them what I do is my real calling. I did. And they asked me to rethink,to stop being stereotypical.
I think they are being stereotypical,not me. Be a traveller,dancer,musician,photographer just because it is a new hype.
In the name of being different,choosing unconventional career paths, dying hair green, wearing coloured beads around necks and getting brows pierced. Is this not a stereotype? New stereotypes?
I am as much stereotypical as you are and as much original as you are.
I solve math with my own head and not by imitating some famous celeb. I overthink and that is what make me different in the cult of “just do it”. I see your real eyes  behind those blue lenses. I philosophize them secretively. I see how much you try to sham,to be cool,to fit in. But don’t ask me to fit in. I can’t because I am meant to stand out.
And so are you buddy.
Your red head makes you different,so does my big glasses. We are our unique selves,not stereotypes.
We ain’t faulty,just different.
You’re an artist,I’m proud of.
I am a nerd,I’m proud of.


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