mental health · poem · self love

Dear thin legs

Dear thin legs,dislocated knees,weak wrists,hazel eyes.
You know you cannot hold those heavy bags.
You know you cannot stand for hours,let alone dancing.
You know your pencil figure is not masculine.

You stare with awe at those dancing with pretty blondes.
You steal glances to look at beautiful redhead in music class.
You bring her blush orchids and rum chocolates.
You want her to look in those hazel eyes of yours and blush like orchids.
You want to bring unending smile on her glittery lips,crimson blush on her soft cheeks.

You wish to sit by her on unknown unnamed sea shores and hold hands.
You wish to pick her from work and take her to skyscrapers.
You wish to stand on high terraces,holding her hand and stare at purple skies.
You wish to travel with her,not just places but time.

But then you know she eat rum chocolates with you
and keep a piece in her tan bag for the guy with Brit accent and spiked hair.
You know she gives away your orchids to her widowed math teacher,a sweet gesture,ofcourse.
You know she go for coffee with Brit after the class
You know he take her to high end places and EDM nights
They dance till drop
He kiss her glittery lips
And,and she smile between kisses.

So you go back to your one room apartment
You stand in your balcony,for you’re too tired to climb stairs up to terrace.
And look at purple sky.
You stare them hard with your hazel eyes.
Too hard,as if wishing one of them come down to bless you strong limbs,toned chest and fleshy legs.
Or fall on your head to take your life away.

You wish for light,you wish for blessings
You know everything
You know you’re not complete
You know there is something missing
You hunt it everywhere

But what you not know is that you’re blessed
That no one is complete
That something missing inside can’t be found outside
That the light is in you and you can light up the whole universe
That stars twinkle but your light is constant

Dear thin legs,dislocated knees,weak wrists,hazel eyes
Know you are stronger inside
Know your heart is iron not glass
Stop buying orchids and chocolate
Buy pens and brushes
And paint the world hazel
Romanticise all,not just one
Lend your bright light to stars
Light up the universe


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