quotes and poems

Last Night & Little Boxes

Some nights bring in a lot of questions,say,gooey questions.
Questions laced with flowery netting and decorated with shiny little stars.
Questions that smell of fresh blood and stale faeces.
Such was last night.
A night I imagined would come with bright twinkling stars and hopes,bought in darkness
And questions.

I was once told,all our answers resides within.
Yes,believe it or not,they are there
Hiding behind the metallic doors,prisoned and caged
Shrieking to let go
To let loose

In search of the answers I stumbled in,
Inside me
And there I found these little boxes.

White,black,brown cubes
Wrapped in glossy paper with little red hearts
Filled with people
People from past that I,
murdered inside my head.
Who at times found their way to cascade down through my eyes.
People from past that I,
actually hid inside these little boxes
In hope of finding the old connect in new times.
And this answered my question of ‘why let go’

Red,yellow,green cuboides
Put inside flimsy polythene
Containing my struggles.
And as I opened each box
I inhaled my icky sweat
mingled with my new Chanel no. 21
The heavenly hybrid of my odour
Answered all my self doubts.

And just when I was clear of all gooey questions,
I found this big golden box,covered with purple satin
Huffing and puffing,I drained all my power
but the box wouldn’t open
wouldn’t budge at all.

I know that this is it
this is Zeus’s blessings to me
My demons shut inside this huge chest.
I wouldn’t open it
I know it will break down once and forever
My demons will be released
And all the answers will spill out from my within.
Till then I will visit my inside time and again
to hunt for little boxes
filled with assurance and jaunty
Till then I will feed my questions with brute answers past left me with.


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