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This Year Terminates Here

“This year terminates here!”
Like metro rail announcement these words are ringing and dinging in my ears.
I try to act deaf-ear, I try hard to elongate this little time
But alas! This year terminates here.

I collect my 366 days lying on the seat,
Memories of cool water splashes and warm repent from summer,I hid under the chair
I am holding bouquet of confident zinc flowers I watered in the spring with memories of self-pity leaves I shed on the last day of autumn
I take out my Nikon,to capture balsamic winters,hot chocolate mugs,coffee moustaches and frigid quilts
My feet aches from half the journey I made standing in the aisle
My eyelids flutter because of the radiant flashbulb glowing above my head
My body is tired but my soul has rejuvenated

Traces of your fingers on my bare stomach burns my belly,I’ll carry this fire to the year next and then after
I assure myself of lessons I am carrying in red American Tourister on my back
I adjust my newly bought scarf of sureness
and re-check my back pocket to be sure of my wallet full of laughter
with a picture of love tucked in

I thurst my one hand inside my fur jacket’s pocket,ruffling my sore palm against soft fabric
I take off my hair grip,letting down my hairdo
I intend to wash away all the hairsprays that itch
With shambling feet I move near the exit
“Beware of pick-pockets” the marquee flashes, I grin with pain in my centre

The automated door flanked in
I gulp down a ginger-honey lozenge,rummaging through my luggage I fish-out a small satchel
Sliding my unwanted grey satchel under the seats I make my way out to board another rail
“This year terminates here” ringed inside my eardrums
I stand on the concourse with a bouquet to receive new year
The scarf of sureness warms up my body and the fire inside my belly sparks off my eyeballs.


2 thoughts on “This Year Terminates Here

  1. Well, emotions are well displayed.. but apart from it the usage of words I mean the vocabulary is a cheery on the cake ..
    Loved it 😃😃


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