For Anyone Between Too Loud To Too Boring

Maybe it is all about striking a reciprocal balance. No one ever is too loud or too dull, too fat or too skinny, too focused or too diverted. We have tagged ourselves with extremes so much that we fail to understand what medians are all about.
Extreme rush, extreme expectations, extreme guilt, high regrets, utmost adventures, crazy parties, intense booze and joints, extreme seriousness. We are all living on the extreme verges that are about to break anytime soon. And what we do not know is that we are amongst one of the first atoms to sabotage if this barricade falls at all. After all we are all grains of sand. On the extreme edge of the beach.
So while I would ask you to live on the edge the essence lies in marking your own edge than to imposter what the world imposed on you. Drink till drop if you feel comfortable with or just order orange juice and enjoy the music. Fall in love now or do not find anyone until your midlife. Choose a career and give your all or simply don different hats just because you couldn’t decide on one single thing. Take mini retirements and switch jobs. Learn a life skill. Overcome your fear every single day. Usher back the idea of sharing a saddening post. Do not believe that someone got the perfect ass just because their Instagram says so. Work out to live healthy but do not starve yourself to get into the so called perfect shape.
Balance your serious and your crazy. Party till you drop. Pull out an all nighter. Sing in the bathroom, sing on the streets. Wear crazy prints. Tie your hair up or leave them low. But when you get back to work. Adhere to the rules. Do not wear your bandanna to the office. Do not forget to get the creases done. Reach 5 minutes early. You need not take yourself too seriously and also not too lightly.
We are all grains of sand. But grains of sand under microscopic surveillance. You are neither too big to be the focal nor too small to not to matter at all. You’re the grain that do not hold the powerhouse within but you’re the grain that can set the world on fire.
Your time may not be the best now. You might have made ugly choices in the past. You might not have the resources or the permit to access them. But what you have is you. And that is all you need to go wherever you want. You will go along with only yourself to all the places and lands. You will have to bear with yourself no matter what. You will have to love yourself at the end.


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