My India, Their India & Digital India: Realisation Of A Happy Dream


Is the celebration of Rajasthan IT Day a jubilation of urban state solely? Or there is something more to the picture of digital Rajasthan?

I was fairly bewildered when my 26 years old corporate hot-shot cousin, who happens to be an engineer in a top notch firm in Bangalore, announced his wish to marry a girl whom he was friends with when they lived in his ancestral village during his early childhood.
The girl, I was told, still put up in the same village and run a cottage-business of kathputlis. Another shock of the millennium. Why on the earth would he do this to himself?
I was amazed-shocked-bewildered, or creep-out in a nutshell. Anyway the matter took back seat for me, until last week when my cousin and his dream girl got hitched, finally.
The bride, I was expecting must be a below average educated girl from a family of extra-ordinary conservatives.
How do you not imagine a girl of a village in Rajasthan to be a high school drop-out, running odd errands because she has got nothing ‘substantial’ to do with life? And how do you even imagine her coming up to you and hitting up a conversation in English about her wish to have her own start-up?
Her blur portrait, etched in the back of my mind shattered into bits after that conversation.
The jig-saw pieces interlocked in no time, presenting an empowering story of modern-day village youth in front of me.
RS-CIT short of Rajasthan State Certificate Course in Information Technology cascaded as a boon in early 2009 for these young chaps along with many other city fellas. The course has trained more than 2 lakh professional uptil now. A realisation of digital India dream in all real sense!
RS-CIT aims at making the pupil compatible for job market by equipping them with knowledge of computer and internet.
This course has opened up the doors towards azure horizons for many young people who now seek successful career in field of information technology, government jobs, etc. This has also been of substantial help in the growth of cottage industries by linking these businesses to digital market.
The Government of Rajasthan has done a fairly amazing job bringing the marginalized at par with the world.
Yes there are certain short-comings in this scheme like many others, yes you can totally crib about it with friends during lunch hours, you can analyse and over-analyse and re-analyse but I dare you to go deaf ear on the accolades and laurels of digital India.
Whoever said that technology blur boundaries of virtual and real world, should add a new line to the previous, technology has blurred the boundaries of ‘my India’ and ‘their India’.


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