What could a goodbye probably mean?
Is it a dead end or a fresh new start. Start of a new notebook to be filled with old ink pen.
Why would it hurt to say or hear a goodbye?

You hold someone so close, almost clinging next to your centre to not to let them go.
Old soul, you need to understand, they ought to go. Train your heart like a dog, hold the chains tight and pull hard whenever the need be.
They will move in a different time zone but they will surely hum the lyrics you scribbled on the back of their notebook. They will eat wheat crackers with mayo, just because this is the way you fed them when they knocked your door at 8 on a dull Sunday morning.
They might not call you, might fail to drop in a message, but they will always remember you while skimming through their bucket list recalling the crazy plans you both charted under that starry sky.
You will be a part of them, just like they are a part of you. We are a part of each other, made up with zillion little parts of many others.
Do not associate a goodbye with loss. You’re not losing them, you are assimilating them into your being, without having to physically touch their skin.
Tell your heart, goodbyes are meant to be good only.


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