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Poetic Reminders For When You’re Feeling Lost In Life

Journeying through the most difficult phase of my life, a with hustle serious medical issues, a death in the family, career pressure, loss of friends and shattered self-confidence, has taught me two things viz. –
1. You must cut off from the world and attend yourself, every now and then, religiously, without any fail.
This is because in the long run only you will be with you, no one else. Yes, no one at all. So invest time in yourself, teach your heart to love your body as much as you love that dreadful piece of chocolate mud cake and care for your body as much as you’d care for your child’s.
2. Never, just never ever settle for mediocrity. Be it a job or a relationship or anything under the sun, don’t settle for anything below what you deserve.
When people leave you, train your heart like a dog, pull the chains hard and harder every time you wish to go back to them. Never beg for closure. And move out as soon as you like you’re no longer being appreciated for your work. It would always be for good, trust me on this.
So this much-coveted gyan has not cascaded down from the heaven but experiences. And what kept me from falling apart all this while is- Poetry. Here are the ten best quotes from women poets that I now keep as reminders for the rest of my life, and I am sure you would do the same.
1. Your body is a museum of natural disasters, can you guess how stunning it is. – Rupi Kaur
Yes, you’re beautiful with those 60 pounds and crooked teeth and you’re beautiful with a lanky body as well. Do not try to compress yourself into any shape, size, colour whatsoever just because someone thinks you should. Also, it is not sinful to desire for a healthy body, go to the gym, try out dietary plans, get a tattoo…do it because you want it. Your body is your personal museum, treasure your most beautiful memories and the most disastrous memories here. Remember, scars are as good as dimples!
2. Nothing is worth destroying yourself over. But if you’re going to destroy yourself, make sure it is something spectacular, make sure it is for yourself. There is nothing worse than ruining yourself for people who aren’t worth it. – Nikita Gill
People fail me all the time, just when I attach my little hope to their being, they transform from blissful monsoon shower to a disastrous whirlwind swaying away from my sand dunes of hope. So, do not ever destroy yourself over anything and anyone because they got nothing to do with your hopes and desires, but you do mate, yes you do. And should you destroy yourself, it ought to be for something so spectacular that your bones smile with the joy of it.
3. Let it hurt. Let it bleed. Let it heal. And let it go. – Nikita Gill
The best to deal with any situation. Do not hide back, face it and rub it on the face. You have got enough powers to deal with any situation that you come across and you can get through it without much pain. Don’t seek for the escapade, you’re a fighter, go win it!
4. No might make them angry, but it will make you free. – Nayyirah Waheed
This is what we discussed at the start, to not to settle for mediocrity. Learn to say no, it will help you in a long way. When you tend to accept mediocrity as normalcy, to lose your desire to have more and what is any human without his desires? Chase your desires, ignite new fires and run free from shackles.
5. There is no skull and crossbones over your heart. You are a good thing, that somebody be dying to get next to. — Ebony Stewart
Just tell this to yourself 50 times a day, or more if the need me. Remind yourself that you’re so fabulously amazing, that you can move mountains and drown oceans and if they leave you, it is their loss, not yours. So you lovely human, this is a phase and it shall pass, maybe pass like a kidney stone but it shall pass. It is okay to feel lonely, astray, lost, depressed, anxious, or whatsoever.
How else would you know that your breath means more than a mere exchange of gases?

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