Morning Pages

Busy? Yeah.

Have you ever been with someone who won’t read in-between the lines when you tell them that you’re busy? Someone who is a part of your life but do not fiddle to be a part of your routine, someone who would come back to you every single time without complaints, someone who will bring in a cup of hot chocolate and crazy gossips after days of being apart and not crazy banters that hit your heart more than brain.

Being busy is not a concept but an institution wherein everyone associates their own reasoning to prove themselves right. And this reasoning is not logical or general, never, this is just the by-result of our fear and fallacies, which we shoot on someone with a flicker of the trigger. This trigger is ego- no not self-respect. Do not confuse the two. If you respect yourself enough, move out and if you choose to stay, stay like a rose bed sans thrones.

And, the important thing, do not let a tinge of guilt stain your halo when you say you’re busy. Say it like the world owes you. Fill your routine to the brim. Hop into one thing, come out from another. Juggle, hustle, struggle, but do not let someone waste your time. Not even once.


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